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The Irish Times: My Favourite Case

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What is your favourite case? My favourite legal case is Hustler Magazine v Falwell, a United States Supreme Court decision from 1988. The case is probably best known as the climax to the biopic The People v Larry Flynt. The opposing parties, Jerry Falwell and Larry Flynt, were notorious characters and total opposites. Mr Falwell […]

20 minutes with Simon Carty in The Parchment

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The Parchment is the quarterly magazine of the Dublin Solicitor’s Bar Association. After our win at the Irish Law Awards 2013 they did an interview with Simon Carty, which we have reproduced below. Please click to zoom on any if the images below. Or at the bottom we have pasted in the text of the […]

The Parchment

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                              Simon recently did a photoshoot for The Parchment, which is the magazine of the the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association (http://www.dsba.ie). The magazine comes out quarterly and contains in depth analysis on legal issues and highlights interesting professional in the legal […]

Irish Law Awards Winners

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Below is an article that appeared in The Sunday Business Post outlining the winners of the Irish Law Awards 2013. Please doube-click to zoom in and read the articles.                    

It just had to be said…

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I’m not one for getting on my soap box like some people I know and I’m certainly not the type of person to write letters to the editors of national papers but when something has to be said, then it simply has to be said. So I felt in this instance a letter to Kevin […]

Mrs Brown goes global, and O’Carroll has the rights

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An article that appeared in The Sunday Business Post yesterday outlining how the contracts were negotiated on behalf of Brendan O’Carroll for Mrs Brown’s Boys, which ensured he retained the rights to all his work.