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Thanks, Brendan, for making the nation laugh out aloud again

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Niamh Horan the showbiz correspondent hit the nail on the head yesterday when she talked about effect Mrs Brown’s Boys has on people. It’s just good old sillyness and we all need a bit of that in our lives now and again. It’s been proven that laughing is good for your health and more laugh the longer you live so a good dose of Mrs Brown’s Boys should be prescribed to everyone. Niamh’s article is below and a link to Irish Independent’s website is below

Thanks, Brendan, for making the nation laugh out aloud again


Sunday August 19 2012

THE phone rang one day and it was my mother, crying. Well, actually, she was crying with laughter. Barely audible through the hysterical white noise down the phone, she tried to get the words out while gasping for breath.

“Oh Niamh. Mrs Brown, turn it on, turn it on.”

She tried to explain the story: “The mother says to him … she says…”

But she couldn’t finish the punch line before erupting again. I could almost see her back home, bent in two on the kitchen chair. So I started laughing ’til there were tears in my eyes too. It was infectious.

In every home across Ireland the recession has brought with it sadness in some shape or form.

Whether that be bills, added pressures at work, uncertainty, the bank at the door — no one has been untouched by the black cloud that has descended over our small isle.

So thank God for laughter. I spoke to comedian Brendan O’Carroll shortly afterwards about his show Mrs Brown’s Boys and its phenomenal success, culminating this year in a Bafta award.

I thanked him for making my mother laugh. And I suppose for bringing that joyous sound back into all our lives, which these days has become too rare.

He explained how, when a recession gets as deep as this, the average person feels that they just have no control over what’s going to happen tomorrow. They hanker back to the days when things were a lot simpler. Mrs Brown’s Boys gives you that nostalgia — and a guaranteed 20 or 30 laughs on a night in. It’s a way to switch off.

I think when most people are asked to think of heroes of the recession they look to the pillars of society — the people who make headlines regularly, as they attempt to turn this mess around.

For me, it’s a lot simpler. It’s about the people who make it all bearable. Who give us a bit of light relief when times have become too tough.

Be it an award-winning comic, the guy down the local pub or that friend who has you in tears of laughter when you’re in a pair of pyjamas sitting on the couch after a night out.

Laughter is a form of courage in the face of adversity; it’s our armour when things get too tough. So to Brendan O’Carroll and others who manage to give us that relief, I salute you. And because for me — and, I’m sure, for many of you reading this — a mother’s laugh is the best sound in the world.



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