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It just had to be said…

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I’m not one for getting on my soap box like some people I know and I’m certainly not the type of person to write letters to the editors of national papers but when something has to be said, then it simply has to be said.

So I felt in this instance a letter to Kevin O’Sullivan, the Editor of The Irish Times was justified. Now I love The Irish Times and Laura Slattery is a gifted journalist, but I’ve noticed a certain snobbery in Dublin when it comes to success of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Laura’s was just a throwaway comment, but it was indicative of the general looking-down-their-noses attitude of a lot of the South Dublin mediaarti to working class comedy. Mrs Brown’s Boys has been one of the most, if not the most, successful comedy exports since Father Ted. Too often Irish entertainment artists have to find success abroad before being accepted at home. Here’s the article with the throwaway comment at the end that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. In a time of economic depression we all need something silly to laugh at and Mrs Brown’s Boys is exactly what a lot of people need.


And here’s my response…

Sir, – I was very surprised to see your newspaper knock a true Irish business success story. “So the bad news is that Mrs Brown’s Boys really is that popular” was the closing line of a piece about TV ratings (Laura Slattery, Media Marketing, September 27th).

The fact is, in addition to its TV ratings success, Mrs Brown’s Boys and its creator and star Brendan O’Carroll directly employ more than 20 people, retain numerous professionals (myself included) and are responsible for numerous jobs in the BBC, at concert promoters, theatres and stadiums, not to mention the executives at RTÉ.

Mrs Brown’s Boys has TV viewers of more than one million in Ireland and almost eight million in the UK, and is moving into other territories. The Mrs Brown’s Boys plays are performed in front of about 5,000 people each night across the United Kingdom and abroad.

There are also sales of books, merchandising and DVDs.

It is a shame this true home- grown success could not be celebrated rather than be subject to such negative comment. The comment in question was possibly intended as a joke but it wasn’t funny. We know funny or at least the business of funny. – Yours, etc,

SIMON CARTY, Simon Carty Solicitors, Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

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