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Something unexpected happened with Mrs Brown’s Boys

06.21.13 Posted in Animated Language Learning, Austism, News by

Something unexpected happened with Mrs Brown’s Boys. After the series launched Brendan O’Carroll suddenly started to receive letters from parents of autistic children about how much they loved Mrs Brown’s Boys and how in some instances the show had made children laugh for the first very time. Imagine a child never having laughed, ever.

To most parents laughter is one of the first things a child doe; it is taken for granted that to go hand-in-hand. It must be heartbreaking to be a parent of a child that never laughs. So imagine their joy when one Saturday night, whilst watching Mrs Brown’s Boys, their child laughs out loud for the first time. It must have been astounding to see and hear for the first time and a beautiful moment that I’m sure caused tears all round.

Brendan loves making people laugh and no more so than children. So to have his comedy produce such a wonderful but unexpected benefit to children with a disability, is one of the most rewarding aspects of his career.

Brendan mentioned this miraculous affect on autistic children when he was on Ryan Tubridy’s 2FM radio show. Shortly afterwards he was contacted by Enda Dodd who runs a company called Animated Language Learning (ALL) that provides animated software to help educate autistic children. Brendan decide to invest, giving €45,000 to help the company, which is also backed by Enterprise Ireland. ALL uses animation from companies such as Pixar, which produces films like Toy Story. The software helps autistic children learn to how to communicate their emotions. It is an incredible idea with huge potential benefits.

Enda Dodd was recently interview by Ryan Tubridy on his show. The interview can be listened via this link click here

For more information on Animated Language Learning please got to allparentsonline.com

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