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Contract lessons from Van Halen

04.14.13 Posted in Contract law, News by

Today we had an article published in The Sunday Business Post that outlined details of renowned contract trick that rock band Van Halen used to use in their contracts that related to sub-clause requesting a bowl of M&M’s in their changing room. However mad this sounds you’ll see there was a method to their madness. […]

Ireland’s film industry is booming – and it’s about more than money

01.10.13 Posted in Film Industry, News by

Column featured on TheJournal.ie http://www.thejournal.ie/readme/column-irelands-film-industry-is-booming-and-its-about-more-than-money-739433-Jan2013/ BY SIMON CARTY THE IRISH FILM industry is booming. This year it had a turnover of over €500 million and employed 6,500 people in full-time jobs. That is up 20 per cent since 2008 but there is still a skills’ shortage. The importance of the sector should not be underestimated.

It just had to be said…

10.05.12 Posted in Media Coverage, Mrs Brown's Boys, News by

I’m not one for getting on my soap box like some people I know and I’m certainly not the type of person to write letters to the editors of national papers but when something has to be said, then it simply has to be said. So I felt in this instance a letter to Kevin […]

UK company Compact Media Group appointed to protect rights of Mrs Brown’s Boys

09.17.12 Posted in Mrs Brown's Boys, News by

UK company the Compact Media Group was this week appointed as the exclusive worldwide international collection agent for audio-visual secondary TV and Film rights on behalf of BAFTA award winning Mrs Brown’s Boys’ production company BocPix Ltd. Simon Carty, Solicitor for the Mrs Brown’s Boys group and a member of the production team at BocPix Ltd, said: […]

Brendan O’Carroll Lands New BBC Gameshow As Mrs Brown

08.22.12 Posted in BAFTAs, Mrs Brown's Boys, News by

Well the secret is out. Last week the UK media covered the news that the Mrs Brown’s Boys bandwagon keeps on rolling. This time our very own Agnes will host her own prime time gameshow on the BBC   Brendan O’Carroll Lands New BBC Gameshow As Mrs Brown 15 Aug 2012 : By Eva Hall Mrs […]

Thanks, Brendan, for making the nation laugh out aloud again

08.20.12 Posted in Mrs Brown's Boys, News by

Niamh Horan the showbiz correspondent hit the nail on the head yesterday when she talked about effect Mrs Brown’s Boys has on people. It’s just good old sillyness and we all need a bit of that in our lives now and again. It’s been proven that laughing is good for your health and more laugh the […]

The Twitter Joke Trial was itself a complete joke

08.03.12 Posted in News, Twitter Joke Trial by

This week the infamous trial in the UK nicknamed ‘The Twitter Joke Trial’ finally reached a sensible conclusion. I wrote an opinion piece about the trial for TheJournal.ie which can you can read on their website here http://www.thejournal.ie/readme/twitter-joke-trial-535488-Jul2012/ or I have also included the full article below.   The Twitter joke trial shows freedom of […]

Mrs Brown’s Boys winning the ratings war in Australia

07.18.12 Posted in Mrs Brown's Boys, News by

The global phenomenon that is Mrs Brown’s Boys continues with the latest series riding high in the Australian ratings where it is show on Channel 7.  Last week Brendan O’Carroll’s sitcom was the fourth most watch programme on Australian TV  despit its Wednesday evening slot. It attracted over 2.2m viewers in Australia’s major cities with […]

Mrs Brown Goes to Romania as O’Carroll Sells Format Idea Around the World

07.13.12 Posted in Mrs Brown's Boys, News by

By Eva Hall Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll has taken the next step in making his alter-ego Mrs Brown a global phenomenon, by selling the format of ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ to a number of global production companies. O’Carroll has retained the rights to his BAFTA-winning show, but has sold the format idea to territories in Romania, […]

Mrs Brown goes global, and O’Carroll has the rights

06.04.12 Posted in BAFTAs, Contract Negotiations, Intellectual Property, Media Coverage, Mrs Brown's Boys, News by

An article that appeared in The Sunday Business Post yesterday outlining how the contracts were negotiated on behalf of Brendan O’Carroll for Mrs Brown’s Boys, which ensured he retained the rights to all his work.